3 costly flooring mistakes to avoid


One of the biggest decisions you will make in building or renovating your home or office space is flooring.  This is something that goes in every room, that you walk on every day, and that you want to be done right the first time.  To ensure that your flooring installation is a positive, cost-effective experience, check out our top 3 costly flooring mistakes to avoid in the article below.

  • Going Cheap. Trying to save money can actually cost you more money in the end when it comes to flooring. Opting for cheap flooring materials including less expensive carpet, carpet pad, hardwood and others will wear more quickly. Flooring, especially in high traffic areas should be extremely durable. Remember, you usually get what you pay for when it comes to flooring materials. The same rule goes for cheap flooring labor. Yes, it will save you money if you install flooring yourself instead of hiring a professional. In our experience, however, it is more expensive when a professional has to come in and fix a DIY mistake and/or do a reinstallation.
  • Lack of Research Ahead of Time. Research is key prior to your flooring installation. Research the type of flooring you want and the best types of flooring for your local climate and lifestyle. You should also learn about local businesses which sell flooring, professionals who can help with your installation and more. We have found in our more than 28 years of experience that most flooring problems arise when homeowners do not know the needs of their space and what flooring options are available to them.
  • Poor Preparation of the Subfloor. Prior to any flooring installation, you want to ensure that your subfloor is ready. If this is not done, it can result in a rough installation, squeaky or sagging floors, or smelly floors from mold or other debris unnoticed prior to installation.