3 expert tips for protecting your carpet

Carpet is a major expense in any home.  If you are like most people, you do your best to take care of your investment. Check out the article below for tips from the experts on protecting your carpet.

  • Regular Cleaning. This is common sense, but regular cleaning is a great way to keep your carpet in great shape. This means vacuuming at least once a week, more often than that if you have small children or pets. Treating spills immediately with a professional grade cleaning product is another great cleaning practice; this will ensure stains do not set in. Finally, deep cleaning carpets annually either by a professional or with an at-home carpet-cleaning machine.
  • Use Rugs in High Traffic Areas. Some areas of your carpet get more use than others. To help protect the high traffic areas, invest in nice rugs and/or plastic carpet protection. High traffic areas include hallways, stairs, entries and more. Rugs are certainly cheaper than a total carpet replacement.
  • Do Not Wear Shoes in the House. You have probably heard this before, but shoe removal is probably our most important tip. Shoes track in all kinds of dirt and germs that will damage your carpet over time. If you set the standard in your home that shoes are not allowed, especially on the carpet, you will have a much cleaner home and your carpet will thank you.

The tips above are all simple and easy to implement, but experts agree that these three tips are best practices to protect your carpet.