Could your crawlspace be making you sick? Consider crawlspace encapsulation.


If you are like most people, you do not often think about your crawlspace.  A home’s crawlspace is a dark and dirty place that is often home to a variety of bugs, rodents, mold, and more.  When the barrier between the home and the crawlspace is less than robust, toxic contaminants in the crawlspace’s air can creep into the home and could potentially put you and your family at risk to these airborne toxins.  As much as 40% of your household air can flow from your crawlspace.  The solution is crawlspace encapsulation.  Crawlspace encapsulation is a process that seals off your home’s air from the air in the crawlspace.  If you think crawlspace encapsulation may be a good idea for you and your home, continue reading below.

  • Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation. As described above, the biggest benefit of a crawlspace encapsulation is the improvement of your home’s air quality. Sealing off the crawlspace will ensure that airborne toxins do not transfer into your home and affect you and your family. An additional benefit of a crawlspace encapsulation is that your home’s insulation will be improved and lead to increased energy efficiency. A crawlspace encapsulation will also help protect your home from moisture damage.
  • DIY or Hire a Professional? While there are a number of YouTube videos with instructions on DIY crawlspace encapsulation, our recommendation is to hire a professional. A professional will be trained in all of the latest and safest methods, will have the proper tools, and will be the one doing the (very) dirty work in the crawlspace instead of you.