In favor of flooring restoration: 3 reasons to skip replacement when you can

There are many reasons why you may decide to replace your flooring. Perhaps it is so tramped down or dirty in some areas that you aren’t sure if any amount of professional cleaning can bring it back to life again. Perhaps you have areas that are damaged beyond repairs, like those that are burned, scratched, or seriously stained. Whatever your reason for considering flooring restoration, our team here at Above Board Flooring & Restoration would like you to consider the advantages of flooring restoration before you get the crowbar to rip out your existing flooring.

  • Flooring restoration saves money. In many cases, taking care of your existing flooring with flooring restoration is able to save you money over the cost of replacing your flooring with other products.
  • Flooring restoration can salvage historical flooring. If you live in an older or a historical home, you want someone with the expertise and professionalism to be able to salvage your historical flooring. You can’t buy that kind of charm and history– so why not let the experts breathe new life into it instead?
  • Flooring restoration is better for the environment. Flooring restoration is possible more often than you might think, even with finnicky materials like carpet. Instead of tearing out materials that could end up in a landfill, making good use of the flooring you have helps the environment by keeping your salvageable flooring on your floors where it belongs instead of in the garbage!

To learn more about your flooring restoration options, give us a call today here at Above Board Flooring & Restoration.